Explore Science!

Explore Science!

Explore science through our collection of films, articles and images that shed light on the world of population health research. At the Nuffield Department of Population Health, we aim to improve human physical and mental health, promote wellbeing and reduce inequalities. 

Our scientists help test medicines for diseases that can affect us all, such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. One of the ways they do this through carefully controlled experiments called clinical trials. We also have laboratories on site that carry out different tests on blood and other samples. You can find out about both below.     

During the COVID-19 pandemic we turned our expertise towards tackling the virus. This included helping set up a massive “Lighthouse” Covid test laboratory at breakneck speed. 

We are running a clinical trial – the RECOVERY trial  that has discovered treatments to save the lives of huge numbers of people seriously ill with COVID-19. Learn more through the links below.

Finally, come and meet some of our researchers! What do they actually do and how did they get into careers in science?