Changing drinking patterns in China could drive a major increase in liver diseases

Dr Becky Im

17 September 2021

Cooking with coal or wood associated with increased risk of eye diseases

Dr Peter Chan

29 July 2021

Difficulty hearing speech could be a risk factor for dementia

Dr Thomas Littlejohns

21 July 2021

Red and processed meat linked to increased risk of heart disease

Dr Keren Papier and Dr Anika Knuppel

21 July 2021

Almost one million extra deaths in 29 high income countries in 2020

Dr Nazrul Islam

19 May 2021

Care for older people at home can be as good, or better than hospital

Professor Sasha Shepperd

19 April 2021

Overwhelming public support for donating vaccines to low-income countries

Professor Philip Clarke

30 March 2021

Links between regular meat consumption and a range of common diseases

Dr Keren Papier

2 March 2021

Benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Professor Aiden Doherty

13 January 2021

Beneficial and best-value treatments for patients with impaired kidney function

Dr Iryna Schlackow

17 December 2020

RECOVERY Trial – Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy

Professor Peter Horby

17 March 2020

Moderate alcohol consumption does not protect against stroke

Dr Iona Millwood

4 April 2019

Statin therapy reduces cardiovascular disease risk in older people

Professor Colin Baigent

1 February 2019

Improving birth outcomes for obese women

Dr Rachel Rowe

4 December 2018

New report on UK deaths during and after pregnancy

Professor Marian Knight

1 November 2018

Low testosterone levels linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer

Ellie Watts, DPhil Student

25 October 2018

Fish oils do not prevent heart attack or stroke in people with diabetes

Professor Louise Bowman

26 August 2018

Benefits of aspirin for patients with diabetes balanced out by increased risk of bleeding

Professor Jane Armitage

26 August 2018

New genetic risk factors for stroke identified

Associate Professor Jemma Hopewell

12 March 2018

Body size and prostate cancer risk

Dr Aurora Perez-Cornago

13 July 2017

Diabetes shortens adult lifespan in Mexico

Associate Professor Jonathan Emberson

17 November 2016

Working night shifts has no association with breast cancer risk

Associate Professor Ruth Travis

6 October 2016

Eat less red meat to improve your health…

Dr Kathryn Bradbury

3 November 2015

Keeping active in middle age may help cut breast cancer risk

Wenji Guo, DPhil Student

4 November 2014