Events & Talks

Harvard-Oxford Seminar
Brain health begins with brain care: preventing dementia, depression and stroke on the global level

Professor Jonathan Rosand

8 November 2022

More talks coming soon

Richard Doll Seminar
Triangulation of evidence in aetiological epidemiology: principles, prospects, limitations

Professor George Davey Smith

21 February 2023

Richard Doll Seminar
Tobacco: the past 75 years and the next 75 years

Professor Richard Peto

28 February 2023

Richard Doll Seminar

Lord Gus O'Donnell

8 November 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Tackling ethnic inequalities in experience and outcome of severe mental illness

Professor Kamaldeep Bhui

18 October 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Clinical trials in emerging infectious diseases

Sir Peter Horby

1 November 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Bayesian methods for clinical trials: useful or just a distraction?

Professor Peter Juni

22 November 2021

Richard Doll Seminar
Polygenic Risk Scores and Our Future Health

Professor David Hunter

11 October 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Public Sector research and Industry: or There and Back Again

Mr Mahesh Pancholi

1 March 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Large-scale randomised evidence: trials and meta-analyses

Professor Sir Richard Peto

4 February 2022

Richard Doll Seminar
Building local community focused research capacity in East Africa and elsewhere: 12 years of MicroResearch experience

Dr Noni MacDonald

8 June 2021

Richard Doll Seminar:
The IRIS Initiative investigates changes in invasive disease in 26 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Angela Brueggemann

15 June 2021

Richard Doll Seminar:
INTERCOVID: A prospective study of the effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy

Professor Jose Villar

1 June 2021

Harvard-Oxford Program in Epidemiology mini-symposium

21 May 2021

Richard Doll Seminar: The impact of COVID-19 outbreak on mortality in Wuhan, the epicentre of pandemic in China​

Professor Zhengming Chen
11 May 2021

Who's health is it anyway? Repositioning health as our most untapped opportunity for prosperity and happiness

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard

9 March 2021

The road to cervical cancer elimination: what will it involve and how long will it take?

Professor Karen Canfell

9 March 2021

Evaluating biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cardiovascular disease through applications of human genetics

Professor Michael Holmes

23 February 2021 how and why we built a new, highly secure, open source analytics platform for 55 million patients' full linked health records during COVID-19

Dr Ben Goldacre

2 March 2021

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Turning the practice of medicine into a quantitative science

16 February 2021

Professor Mihaela van der Schaar

The International 100K+ Cohorts Consortium: Integrating large-scale cohorts to address global scientific challenges

Dr Geoffrey Ginsburg

9 February 2021

US Convalescent Plasma Program: Insights and observations

Dr Scott Wright 

19 January 2021

Dr Scott Wright (Mayo Clinic) presents a Richard Doll Seminar on the US convalescent plasma program.

The journey from variants in the sequence of the genome and clinical phenotypes

Dr Kari Stefansson

26 January 2021

Kari Stefansson (deCODE) presents a Richard Doll Seminar on variants in the sequence of the genome and clinical phenotypes.

An Oxford Conversation: the impact of fake news on our lives

30 January 2020

Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, Damian Collins MP, and Sarah Montague, presenter at BBC Radio 4, discuss the impact of fake news on our lives.

Hinchliffe Report 60th Anniversary

11 November 2019

Pharmaceutical policies in the long run: reflections on the 60th anniversary of the Hinchliffe Report

Million Women Study Trial Meeting

13 September 2019

Talks from the Million Women Study Trial Meeting 2019.

Causal Inference Seminar
Dr Peter Tennant

21 March 2019

Acknowledging the third pillar of contemporary data science

29 June 2018

A symposium to mark Richard Peto’s retirement.

Truth in the Media
Nick Davies & Alan Rusbridger

11 May 2018

Nick Davies (author) and Alan Rusbridger (former editor of the Guardian) discuss the impact of ‘fake news’ on health, politics and society.

Post-Truth Medicine
Professor Sir Rory Collins

27 June 2018

A seminar on ‘fake news’ in medicine, presented by Professor Sir Rory Collins as part of the Richard Doll Seminars.

26 September 2016

Talks from the Million Women Study’s 20th anniversary event.