Hinchliffe Report 60th Anniversary Symposium

Pharmaceutical policies in the long run:
reflections on the 60th anniversary of the Hinchliffe Report

History - sustainability of pharmaceutical expenditure then and now

Today’s challenges: pricing decisions and opportunity cost

Mr Danny Palnoch, Head of Medicines Analysis, Strategy and Policy, NHS England

NHS drug costs: how does the most recent decade compare with the first?

Dr Elaine Kelly, Senior Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Health

“Restriction on quantitites”: the problem of drug shortages

Dr Jeffrey Aronson, Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist, Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences

Generating and reporting of evidence

Clinical trials in the NHS – how did we do?

Professor Louise Bowman, Professor of Medicine and Clinical Trials, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Clinical trials in the NHS – how can we do more?

Professor Martin Landray, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Training of medical practitioners & use of evidence based medicine

Back to medical school – what I wish I’d learned about health economics

Dr Amanda Adler, Chair of NICE Appraisal Committee and Consultant Physician

Economics of drug development & marketing

The Hinchliffe Report: cost control and the prescription charge

Professor Darrin Baines, Professor in Health Economics,, Bournemouth University

Costs of R&D and reflections on marketing

Professor Adrian Towse, Office for Health Economics

Estimating the shares of the value of branded pharmaceuticals accruing to manufacturers and to the NHS

Dr Beth Woods, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

NICE re-imagined

Professor Philip Clarke, Health Economics Research Centre, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Closing remarks

Professor Sir Rory Collins, Nuffield Department of Population Health