Inaugural Lectures

Inaugural Lectures

Professor Peter Juni

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Professor Danny Wilson

5 October 2023

Professor Zhengming Chen

The 21st century cohort studies: a long march

26 June 2023

Professor David Eyre

Super bugs and super data

14 June 2023

Professor Jonathan Emberson

Maths, Mexico and Meta-analyses

18 May 2023

Professor Richard Haynes

Not entirely by chance

2 May 2023

Professor Aiden Doherty

Wearables & AI – a new opportunity to transform epidemiology in the 21st Century 

24 April 2023

Professor Carolyn Taylor

Oncology meets statistics: Using big data to save lives

28 June 2022

Professor Nina Hallowell

‘Solitary, poor, brutish, and short’ (Hobbes, 1651): my career as a contract researcher

31 May 2022

Professor Naomi Allen

Health research in the information age: the value of big data

8 February 2022

Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Crossing the divide between genomics and epidemiology: the curious case of Alzheimer’s Disease

28 November 2019

Professor Philip Clarke

Tackling diabetes in the 21st century: an economic road map

12 November 2019

Professor Louise Bowman

Ask the right question, get the right answer

13 March 2019

Professor Sarah Lewington

Halving premature mortality: thinking big, keeping it simple

18 February 2019

Professor Robert Hills

Clinical Trials: working out who benfits

31 January 2019

Professor David Hunter

Is Big Epidemiology Better Epidemiology?

8 June 2018

Professor Thomas Nichols

Challenges and opportunities in population neuroimaging

31 January 2018

Professor Sarah Parish

Hearts, Minds and Lives

18 January 2016

Professor Martin Landray

Big trials, Big data, big potential: Population health research in the 21st century

30 November 2015

Professor Robert Clarke

Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Disease: Promises and Pitfalls

20 October 2015

Professor Marian Knight

Maternal sepsis – The past or the future?

20 May 2015

Professor Mike Rayner

God, Evolution, Global Warming and Heart Disease: A personal reflection on population health

18 May 2015