Richard Peto… Studying the Bleeding Obvious

Richard Peto... Studying the Bleeding Obvious

Tobacco Evidence: Starting is worse but stopping is better

Alan Lopez – Introduction
Mike Thun – The health ravages of tobacco use: Just the evidence please
Tom Frieden – Changing minds and saving hearts by asking the right, big questions
Judith Mackay – Tracking and tackling tobacco
Varied friends – Video message from Boston
Prabhat Jha – Knight of the living (and dead)

Observational Studies: Really knowing the known risk factors

Valerie Beral – Introduction
Francis Collins – Making the case for large cohort studies
Sarah Lewington – Halving premature mortality: Studying the other 99% 
Vendhan Gajalakshmi – Nosmoke without fire: Tales from India
David Zaridze – Saving Russian lives: One steppe at a tme
Zhengmin Chen – Long march through the Middle Kingdom
Julian Peto -The multi-stage model of cancer – The answer to a maiden’s prayer
John Danesh – Emerging grom the shadows

Randomised Trials: Moderate treatment effects matter

Bob Temple – Introduction
Mike Brown – Getting the cholestoral-lowering evidence right
Larry Norton – Icon of iconoclasm
Richard Gray – Medical statistics: Life in the fast lane
Rob Califf – Large simple trials (LST) versus small crappy trials (SCT): Not a hard decision for Peto
Salim Yusuf – Making a world of different: Making a different world
End notes: Why do we still need Richard Peto?

Painting Unveiling & After Dinner Speeches

Painting unveiling – Rory Collins, Denise Lievesley and Richard Peto
After dinner speeches – Charles Warlow, Paul Nurse and Richard Peto