COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Research

Our scientists have helped to answer some of the most important questions about COVID-19. Click on the following links to find out how the RECOVERY trial of treatments is being conducted, the ways we can test for the virus, and how researchers map the disease and calculate the R value.

Laboratory Testing

Some of our laboratory scientists helped to set up the UK’s first megalab for COVID-19 testing. Watch this video to find out why we need to test for the virus, how the laboratory was created, and how the various types of tests work.

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Disease Modelling

Find out how data and mathematical models allow us to understand and predict the progression of a pandemic such as COVID-19, and why the often quoted R number is so important for understanding how a pandemic develops, and for predicting the total number of expected infections.


RECOVERY is the world’s biggest randomised trial of existing treatments that doctors think could help patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 to get better more quickly or become less seriously ill. By July 2021, some 40,000 patients had been enrolled in the trial worldwide. Results so far have shown that, whilst some treatments are not effective, drugs called dexamethasone and tocilizumab save lives; in March 2021 it was estimated that the use of dexamethasone had already saved 1 million lives globally.

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